Miki Mottes, Illustrator and Animator

Miki Mottes

I was born in 1978 in Tel-Aviv, Israel to mom and dad. Over the years I drew comics and cartoons on the kindergarten walls, on schoolbooks, on A4 and secret military documents and on anything possible. For the past while I've been animating and illustrating full time.

I'm self taught, cynical, love retro and black humor. I'm the father of two proud cats (and feed several dozens of street cats). I never stop creating and imagining.

I took part in creating the satire site 'Cusbara'. Over the years I've worked with major internet sites, newspapers, commercial companies, TV stations, personal projects and people who are fun to work with. In this site you'll be able to see and taste some of my work. You can call it my public playground. or not.

Over the years, I worked with dozens of customers, including SimilarWeb, ynet, Nana10, SupersonicAds, Israeli Channel 1, MediaBoost, Twisted, Jerusalem Post, Shoken, Orpan and many others.

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